Access Options LLC is dedicated to providing high quality one-on-one, group or telepractice Speech- Language Pathologist Services in medical, home health, business, education, and private practice settings.

Skinnarian Approach to Verbal Acquisition Cognitive Therapy
Applied Behavior Analysis Environmental Control Training (ECT)
Picture Exchange Communication (PECS) High Tech device programming (Dynavox, Springboard, Alt-Chat
Language-Reading Connection Shout Out – Parkinson’s Voice Training
Story Grammar Marker Transnasal Endoscopy
Narrative and Expository Comprehension and Writing Modified Barium Swallow Study using dynamic videofloroscopic studies
Dr. Musselwhite’s approach to (AAC) Dysphagia – Swallow therapy using
Jump Start Interactive Communication for AAC users Vital Stim for swallowing impairments in children and adults http://www.ciaoseminars.com
Positive behavioral Approach Cognitive Re-entry for adults returning to work post stroke and head injury
Bringing Words to Life Passy Muir Speaking Valve – PMV
Speech Sound Disorders advanced training to treat Cleft Palate FEES – Using Fiber- endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow using flexible laryngoscope.
Johnson’s Approach to Oral Motor for Feeding and Speech Behavioral, Symptomatic and Physiological Voice Therapy
Pan Marshalla –Apraxia, articulation, phonological processing and oral motor techniques.


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Covid-19 Comment

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed how we live, work, and play. However, it has not affected our commitment to serving you and give you treatment that is through, safe and secure. Access Options LLC remains committed to providing exceptional service that puts clients first. We are offering several remote access services including evaluations, treatments, and consultations. Payments will be available in a variety of forms.